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Pop Trading Company


Miffy Vans


Lead Designer

The collection brings together Miffy, the beloved Dutch character, with Vans and Pop Trading Company. This collaboration celebrates a fusion of playful nostalgia and modern skateboarding through a series of reimagined classic Vans sneakers.

The design strategy was centered around integrating Miffy’s iconic charm with the bold, aesthetics of Vans. The challenge was to infuse a sense of whimsy into the shoes while maintaining their elevated look and functional integrity.

Through collaborative efforts and deep exploration, the shoes were designed to capture the essence of both Miffy and the skateboarding culture associated with Vans and Pop. The process involved selecting color schemes and design elements that directly reference the Miffy books.

This Miffy x Vans x Pop Trading Company collection represents a unique blend of character-driven design and contemporary style. As the lead designer for this project, my aim was to deliver designs that not only pay tribute to Miffy’s legacy but also enhance the iconic silhouettes of Vans.

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